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Actors need feedback. Yet few receive it in the audition process. Have you ever tried to play a sport without coaching and failed to become proficient? Then you know why so many actors struggle to audition in a way that produces success more often than not.


If you're looking for top-flight coaching for theatre, film, and television, you've come to the right place. Whether it's script analysis, advice on preparation or developing a technique, feedback on a single audition, or interpreting cryptic notes for a callback, invest in your career now and get the very best guidance from an experienced audition coach.

Why Audition Pro

Award-winning director Michael Bloom is one of a few major theatre directors dedicated to coaching actors for auditions and role preparation. His coaching is straightforward, constructive and honest; it builds on the strengths of the individual actor. Author of Thinking Like A Director, Michael has directed Off Broadway and at many of the country's leading theatres. With 30 years experience, he knows what directors and casting directors are looking for, and he provides actors with practical tools that achieve results. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a young actor looking for tips on how to audition, this site is for you.


"My approach to coaching is the same as it is to directing and teaching: support the actor in a trusting environment; facilitate the actor’s own process; and provide honest feedback that instills confidence."


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Award-winning Director, Teacher, and Author

Immediate Response


Using SKYPE, or YouTube and phone, Michael can respond to your work on an audition on the same day. If possible he prefers having the entire script in advance, as well as the casting breakdown and your resume. He also offers in-person coaching in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area. 

Free Consultation


Find out how Michael can help you with a single audition or a strategic approach to auditioning. Email at to set up a free fifteen minute phone consultation. 

Actors directed by Michael Bloom

Roma Downey | actress directed by audition coach Michael Bloom

        Roma Downey

       Tony Shalhoub

            Linda Purl 


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