Thinking Like A Director by audition coach Michael Bloom

Assigned to actors at Yale University and other schools, Thinking Like A Director is one of the most widely read directing books on the market.

Drawing on thirty years of directing and teaching experience, Michael Bloom conveys the full experience of directing for the stage, as well as the mindset that successful directors possess. More than a mere set of guidelines, Thinking Like a Director details a technique that covers every facet of theatrical production, from first reading through final rehearsals. In this illuminating, engaging, and accessible handbook, the art of dramatic interpretation and the craft of working with actors are integrated into a single, unified method. 

As relevant for actors as it is for directors.

Published by Faber and Faber Inc. 

Praise for Thinking Like A Director

"Helps fill the void of practical handbooks that are available to theatre directors. It is smart and lucidly written and should prove to be an invaluable guidebook."      ___ DONALD MARGULIES


"With a relaxed, informal style, Thinking Like A Director captures the experience of stage directing as well as any book I can think of."    ___ ARTHUR KOPIT


"It's rare for a how-to-book to be at the same time so practical and so literate."    ____ ROBERT BRUSTEIN


"Thinking LIke A Director" is a lucid, concise, and admirably undogmatic manual."  



"If I ever decided to direct a play, I'd be sure to have Michael Bloom's illuminating and indispensable text nearby to guide and challenge me." ___ARIEL DORFMAN


"Bloom...does for directing what actress and teacher Uta Hagen did for American acting in her classic handbooks."   ___ MICHAEL BARNES, Austin American-Statesman


"Michael Bloom's deeply instructional and encouraging primer takes the mystery out of the art of directing without taking out the joy. I've never seen anything quite like it."  __MARIETTE HARTLEY